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GameStop + bullshit.

GameStop called me last week, asked me to take a drug test. I took the drug test the next day, and once the results go through, I'll be starting training at the GameStop in Antioch, TN. When I'm done training, that's probably not the store I'll be staying with. I'm really excited. I've gotta keep my eyes on the prize and focus on this career opportunity. It's a career that I won't inherently hate, I can have fun with it, and it'll pay well if I climb up two or three steps on this corporate ladder.

This, brings me to my next predicament. There's a woman that's seriously into me, there's a woman I'm seriously into that I cannot have, and a woman that I'm seriously interested in but haven't been able to schedule a good time to hang out. The problem is, now's really not the time for me to be trying to do the whole relationship thing. I've got a major career change and financial mess to sort through. This is my chance to get my ducks in a row. We'll see how it pans out, I know what I'm hoping for to happen, but I'm pretty positive it won't. XD Thankfully, so long as this GameStop thing pans out well, at least *SOMETHING* in my life will be going right.

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