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I've never arranged a dinner date like *THIS* before.

Me: Well, it's a weird story. Regardless, it isn't happening between her and I anytime soon... So I guess I'm still single and looking.
Her: But you like this girl. Do you have a desire to look?
Me: It's not going to happen between her and I anytime soon... I may as well keep my eyes open for someone more awesome than her. I'd hate to pass someone up. Especially if there's a chance someone out there is more awesome than her.
Her: I can see that
Me: Yea... I'm trying to stay positive.
Her: that's a start. I'm more awesome than anyone else you can ever meet. So positive is good.
Me: You are, huh? So does this mean you're the woman I've been searching for?
Her: I am awesome, and everyone is searching for me
Me: I just didn't catch on whether or not you were insinuating something..
Her: Ken, I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm always insinuating something... always
Me: So you're saying we should go out to dinner sometime this week.
Her: We could do that
Me: Was this not the most forward but backwards way a dinner date has ever been requested?
Her: Right on.
Her: Who asked?
Me: Neither of us did. You mildly suggested that you were the person I was looking for, and I said that a dinner date should happen and you said it could work. I never ASKED anything.
Her: Ok ok, you're one of those boys with the specific wording and all
Me: Seriously though, I didn't ask. In fact, I think you were the one who asked. I said I was looking for someone more awesome than this girl I currently can't have, and you said you were the most awesome person ever, meaning, you suggested that I should give you a shot.

EDIT: She says I made it look like I won the argument. So I assume this means that she doesn't think I did. Well whatever. =P

Night juggling.

So, I managed to find something good out of having an absolutely horrendously awful day.

... to give myself a small escape from my shitty day, I decided to go out in the parking lot and juggle at 1:30AM. The weather was nice, in the low 60's. My apartment complex is lit up fairly well at night in the parking lots... and while I was juggling, not only was it a great escape from life, but I learned a new pattern. I can now do the machine (AKA the Factory)


This is not what I used to learn it, but it shows the pattern very clearly in the first part of the video. (I actually think this tutorial is horrible.)

Juggling math + rhythm.


Found this interesting little article on how juggling siteswap notation needs a bit of tweaking and can be a pain in the butt sometimes. I'm mainly posting it here because I wanted to bring it to lifeofmendel's attention.

The reason being is... Well, juggling siteswap notation uses a number system to state how many "beats" a ball thrown will stay in the air... or, in other words, how high it's thrown. This assumes that you are throwing a steady rhythm of right, left, right, left, etc.. or you're throwing both hands simultaneously. As in, just throwing a ball from each hand at the same time on every beat. Well, this goes into having java animated applets of a stick figure juggler doing juggling patterns where their hands go in a 3 against 5 rhythm. Talk about a headache. Throwing 3 against 5 in a juggling pattern. That's something I'm gonna take the time to get good at because it's something I haven't seen any other juggler do in person.

I think I'll start with the super basics, since I still kinda suck. Maybe I'll try 2 against 3 in a 3-ball pattern. I'll have to figure out how that one will work out.

... an entirely unrelated note..

... An opportunity has landed. If I fuck this up, I will never forgive myself for the rest of my life.

(entirely unrelated to my last post)

Alright, fuck it. Time to lose weight.

So, I told myself I was going to wait until I got my new job and had the money to eat right... but that's just a lame excuse to keep eating unhealthy right now.

Fuck that.

I am going to start eating right starting tomorrow (only because I won't be eating again for the rest of the night). Just because I don't have 90 billion dollars doesn't mean I can't eat right. I just have to be smart. I could spend $5 on the dollar menu at Wendy's, or I could spend $5 on a ham sandwich at Subway. I could go to the grocery store and buy hamburgers, or I could go to the store and buy chicken and lettuce. I mean, wow.

... here goes nothing.

When the hell did I become attractive?

So, I went to a convention this weekend and got a phone number from a rather cute girl. We're gonna watch zombie flicks in the near future.

Today at work, I was being a little flirty with some of my tables, and this table of two girls were being a little flirty back. We had a fun time and BOTH of them left me their numbers. Two numbers off of the same table, wtf? Also they left me a 25% tip.

Also at work today, I flirted up another table later in the day. Both really cute. No, I didn't get a number, but they left me $12 on a $30 tab. 35+% tip? Was I that attractive? Thanks for the digits! And by digits, I mean 4-digit number in the tip row on the credit card sheet.

I must be attractive today or something. This definitely got my self-esteem up quite a bit, I hope it sticks around. I could most definitely use it. ^^
... talk about a serious headache. I am so emotionally scatterbrained, it'd ridiculous.

The cure to every emotional crisis.

I have in front of me the cure for every emotional crisis you will ever face.

I have milk and cookies.


Learned a new juggling trick! Boston Mess.

I've learned quite a few since I last posted about juggling, but this trick really surprised me.


I didn't use this video to learn the trick, but the first 30 seconds show the pattern I learned (done very cleanly) and a good explanation of how it works.

When I first saw this pattern, I thought it was ridiculously hard (which, it kinda is to a new juggler). I couldn't do well on crossing arms, and I was bad at throwing balls straight up in the air (I'm used to throwing them at an angle). Since then, I've learned the following tricks.

Reverse Cascade
Mills Mess
The W
2-up 1-up
4-ball Fountain

... and probably a few others that I'm forgetting.

Now I get to add the Boston Mess to my collection. I think what surprised me most about it was how quickly I learned it. I decided to give it a shot today, and literally... Within 3-4 minutes, I did a very short and sloppy Boston Mess. After another 10-15 minutes, I had cleaned it up pretty well. So... next trick? Rubenstein's Revenge? False Mills Mess? Burke's Barrage?

... I kinda wanna do a 5-ball flash, but I know I'm getting too far ahead of myself.